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A P O C L I P S I S  C U M  F I G U R I Z Z Z  [ p e r f o r m a n c e  i n s t a l l a t i o n ]


20/12/12 - 03/02/13 PAD - Performance Art Depot, Mainz / Germany. http://www.pad-mainz.de/

***exhbition extended until February '13 ***

Premiere: 20/12/12, 20:00  



Concept & Performance: Regina Fichtner

Voice Over: Regina Fichtner & Patrizia Carlota

Music: Stephen Haben  

Film: Daniel Ludwig

Material [portrait]:

Poster print on Polystyrene; Albrecht Dürer’s

14 Woodcuts ‘Apocalipsis cum figuris’ from 1498;                   photo: allgemeine zeitung

digitally overlaid in an editing process.                                    

MUSIC [abridged version] by Stephen Haben:




VIDEO MAKING OF the PORTRAIT [short film] by Daniel Ludwig:                                











Apocalypsis cum figurizzz' is a bizzare & surreal performance installation by [RE:artzzZ],

running from 20th December (from 20:00h onwards) until - 22nd December [until 12:00]

at the pad - performance art depot. The project is part of the programme 'Das Ende' /

The End, to celebrate the end of the MAya Calender in Dec. 2012.


Lady Punpernickel will also perform in the performance installation as part of a show on

the 20th December at 20:00. So please come along and celebrate the end of the world together with [RE:artzzZ]|performance collaboration london, Lady Pumpernickel and

pad - performance art depot.


Tickets can be booked at:

[email protected] or 0049(0)6131/8869432


A production of the performance art depot in Mainz & supported by the region of Rheinland-Pfalz






























pad-Logo weiß auf Schwarz klein installtion pic 1 copy Photo Allgemeine Zeitung sddefault