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b i o g r a p h y :

P A T R I Z I A   C A R L O T A   [ m i s s   c a r r o t a ]

Patrizia Carlota did an MA in Theatre and Performance at Queen Mary, University of London. She is Gong Practitioner (SonicSoul), a performer, performance maker, and researcher. She has collaborated widely in the fields of music, performance and art, and has worked in the UK and internationally (Germany, Italy and France). Her interests include sound healing, wellbeing, experimental forms of performance, culture and performance, and the intersection between science, technology and art. She is also a member of VivArtista, G.Hack, and is part of the management committee of Odd Eyes Theatre Company.


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b i o g r a p h y :

R E G I N A   F I C H T N E R   [ l a d y   p u m p e r n i c k e l ]

Regina did an MA in Performance Studies [University of Hamburg] and Theatre Studies [Mainz/Germany + Utrecht/Netherlands]. Today she lives in Frankfurt and London. She is an independent performance artist and Dance-Theatre teacher. Her productions have been presented in the UK and mainland Europe. She combines experimental movements & non theatrical texts and has worked on installations, stage pieces and performed internationally at festivals, galleries and theatres [e.g. Spill Festival, London / Atomino Festival, East Germany / Crisisart Festival, Italy / Brighton Fringe, UK / Jewish Museum London / Kampnagel Hamburg / pad - performance art depot mainz]. She teaches physical theatre and contemporary dance to people of all ages and creates performance projects at universities and schools [e. g. IPP Summer School, Performance & Media Studies 2013, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz / Goethe Universität Frankfurt / Catholic University of Applied Science Mainz /  Schultheater Studio Frankfurt / Kita Frankfurt / Stage Coach - Theatre Arts Schools].

****Regina is on materity leave until Autumn 2017****